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ELI 200

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The ELI 200- MANUAL HEAT PRESS is an easy to handle manual printing machine, indicated for applying prints onto bonnets. This Manual interchangeable heat press can be easily adapted to several functions with the use of flat thermal platens up to a size of 230 x 320mm. The printing area is the same as the size of the platen.

The pressing operation is facilitated thanks to its pneumatic system that makes the work much more practical and causes less fatigue to the operator. The swing-away system requires very little maintenance and is more convenient to the operator, also because his contact with the heat of the thermal platen will be minimized. The upper heating platen features double Teflon coating, casted-in heating resistance and milled in aluminum to provide a uniplaten pressure over the entire platen area.

The Metalnox range of manual interchangeable heat presses allows the operator to change thermal platens as necessary, for example, the cap platen can be exchanged for a flat platen or a dish platen.